A Word from the Minister

Eight years after my last HAC ministerial term ended in May 2008, I am back to serving my dear fellows with the aim of reviving Taiwanese Hakka’s past glory, introducing a new discourse on the mainstreaming of their subculture, and replacing the outdated perception of Hakka as a monolithic group with a brand-new cultural diversity paradigm.

I am deeply indebted to my admirable predecessors, who have accomplished so much and exerted profound influence on the Hakka ethnicity. In a time of administrative reshuffles and divergent beliefs, however, I have instructed my HAC colleagues to conduct rigorous reassessments of past administrative policies with the aim of continuing and improving upon commendable practices while remedying programs and operations deemed lacking in direction and efficacy.

As part of the much-awaited reforms, President Tsai Ing-wen’s Hakka policy reveals her vision and several urgent needs: approaching national affairs with the “Hakka spirit” characterized by tenacity and financial prudence; ensuring the Taiwanese Hakka’s cultural and linguistic sustainability while at the same time reviving the native tongue in Hakka enclaves; reshaping collective memories about the Hakka ethnicity by reinterpreting history from its viewpoint; strategically helping Hakka communities develop a cultural value-added industry that organically connects their economic, lifestyle, cultural, environmental and industrial activities for cheerful self-sufficiency.

Based on that vision, I will map out forward-looking, multi-phase Hakka policies that cover all aspects of life from language, culture, media, and knowledge system to artistic creation, economics, industrial development, historical interpretation, enclave empowerment, youth education and global participation.

Managing Taiwan’s Hakka affairs is a long and winding road. Much honored to serve as the HAC head for the second time, I shall humbly listen to the general public and experts alike in a joint effort to engender a thriving Hakka society—right among us!

Thank you very much!