Xu Jingting

Xu Jingting - Ceiling lightsInstallation Art

2003 Jiayi Railroad Artists’ Village; Jiayi Railraod Voluntary Medical Diagnosis from Donghai Hospital
2002~2003 Individual Exhibition at Donghai Hospital
1999 New Generation Design Exhibition at the World Trade Center in Taipei
1997 Invitation Exhibition in St. Etienne聖愛迪市, France
1996 Group Creation by Technical Class A in Zhuwei, Danshui

2002 2nd Period Art Category Grant from National Culture and Arts Foundation, Inc.
1999 Third Place in Taipei Wanhua Train Station Public Art Competition
1999 Selection for Design Category Taipei Award
1998 Selection for Swatch Metal Creation
1996 Work of Excellence in Central Standards Bureau National Students’ Creativity Competition
1996 Jury’s Award in National Urban Architectural Competition

For the individual exhibition sponsored by the National Culture and Arts Foundation, Xu Jingting released a series of works that left a deep impression of the emotional interactions between Dongshi Hakka folk and Dongshi Donghai Hospital where he was born.