Zhong Qin

	Zhong Qin - Glass Art Glass Art

1995 Oil painting and glass art
1998 Hsinchu County Cultural Center Stained Glass Invitation Exhibition
1999 Eslite Books Invitation Exhibition
2000 National Chiao Tung University Invitation Exhibition
2001 Instructor on Special Contract at Hsinchu Glass Museum
2002 Instructor of Stained Glass and Art Activity Program at Swedish Chalmers   
         University, sister school of Chiao Tung University
2003 Stained Glass Exhibition at Hungkuang University
         Instructor of Stained Glass Study, 2003 Hsinchu County Teachers’ Summer Vacation Arts Program

Living in Zhubei, Zhong Qin makes use of the skills and brilliant colors of Hsinchu glass to decorate a colorful world for modern day people.