Fuli, Hualien (2) Beautiful spots to view Day Lilies and paddy fields, Liowshan Waterfall for hikers/ Written and photographed/ Hsieh Chung Li

Fuli is a sleepy Hakka town located at the tail-end of Hualien County. However, with surging popularity of Day Lily and “Fuli Rice,” the small Hakka town is gaining a reputation of its own.

  In summer, Day Lilies could only be found in Hualien-Taidung Valley near Chi Ke Mountain and Jin Chen Mountain of Ti Ma Li. In winter, however, the Day Lilies thrive and grow everywhere. Liow-shi Rock Mountain of Fuli offers visitors a vantage position to take in the magnificent view of the entire valley shrouded in gold.

  Liow-shi Rock Mountain is about 800 meter high and is also the important tea-growing area of Fuli. As one travels along No. 9 provincial highway and passes by bamboo field of Fuli, there is the landmark of decorative archway on the left which visitors can hardly miss. After passing by the village and the narrow pathway, the views of the valley open up with every turn. Once visitors reach Shuen Yu Tea Garden, the beauty of the sights is simply breathtaking.

  The Management Bureau for Hualien-Taidung Vertical Valley has built three pavilions for sight-seeing. The eastern pavilion has the best view for viewing the valley. The highest pavilion is a “must” to take in all the scenic spots of Liow-shi Rock Mountain. As a whole, the view extends like long-fur carpet of deep-blue day lilies with dots of farm houses – a picturesque view comparable to the most scenic European countryside.

  To the south of Fuli Liow-shi Rock Mountain, Liowshan Waterfall can be easily reached. The waterfall is an important scenic spot in the valley. Frequent weekend visitors to the fall are usually students and local families. The waterfall can be reached from No. 79 Hualien county highway. Wooden pathway is constructed from the parking lots to the waterfall. An older pathway is available to the right of the fall.

  The river cut through several gigantic rocks at the riverside. As one strolls on for ten more minutes, one can find flat spots amongst the rocks suitable for picnics. Furthermore along as one passes by rocks of varying size, one will finally encounters a rock wall, where the locals erected wooden scaffolding to see face-to-face the 4-storey high waterfall. The waterfall plunges into a deep emerald-color pool with billowy vapors – a celestial sight to behold. Liowshan Waterfall, a spot not often frequented by tourists is actually a pleasant for the entire family. Senior citizens and children will find it quite manageable.