“Fated, See You Again” memorial concerts to honor Hakka pop music pioneer

To honor Wu Sheng-shih (吳盛智), a music artist of Hakka descent who created new possibilities for Hakka music, the Hakka Affairs Council will hold an exhibition and four concerts featuring his legacies from Nov. 6 through 16 in Taipei.

Born in 1944, Wu rose to fame with "Sunshine Ensemble (陽光合唱團)," in which he served as the lead singer and guitarist. His outstanding guitar skill and unique vocal also earned him a firm place in Taiwan’s music scene.

Wu started composing music after being inspired by writer Ji Li-nan (紀利男). Later he also partnered with his friend Tu Min-heng (涂敏恆) to create Hakka songs. “I’m a Hakka (捱係客家人),” the first song they created in collaboration has become an iconic Hakka pop song today.

In 1981, Wu released the first solo album titled “Fated (無緣).” Comprising of Hakka songs composed by Wu, the album opened a new chapter for Hakka music with its diverse styles, and had influenced the music creation of artists of younger generation.

Taking place at the National Taiwan University Sports Center, the “Lu Kim-siu, Wu Sheng-shih ‘Fated’ Memorial Exhibition” will showcase the musical instruments used by Lu and Wu as well as their manuscripts, screenplays, albums, and cultural relics to offer glimpses of their music creation.

The Council will also invite up-and-coming Hakka singers and bands, including Huang Zi-xuan (黃子軒), icolor (愛客樂), Wing (羅文裕), Caleb Hsiao (蕭迦勒), Gina (楊淑喻), and Asue Chiu (邱莉舒), to introduce Lu and Wu to the public through reinterpreting their songs.

Another memorial concert, which will open with the documentary “My Nostalgia, My Songs (我的鄉愁我的歌)” by Cloud Gate Dance Theatre, will feature Hakka music artist Ayugo Huang (黃連煜), who will lead other Hakka singers to present Wu’s iconic songs that are recomposed by him.