“Hakka Renaissance: Taiwan Romantic Route 3” to premiere Sunday November 4 on National Geographic

“Hakka Renaissance: Taiwan Romantic Route 3,” a series co-produced by the Hakka Affairs Council and FOX, will air on National Geographic in 40 countries on Nov. 4 to introduce Taiwan’s Hakka culture to the world.

The Taiwan Romantic Route 3 is a national flagship project implemented by President Tsai Ing-wen (蔡英文) since she took office. The project seeks to promote tourism to the Provincial Highway 3, an industrial road that connects sixteen Hakka communities north to south in Taiwan, through revitalizing local Hakka culture, history, and industries.

Comprising of three episodes, including “Food Adventure in Hakka Communities,” “Ancestral Treasures,” and “Hakka Lifestyle,” the show is co-hosted by historian Julian Davison and Taiwanese-British model Natalie Pickles, who rose to fame with Asia's Next Top Model. Together, they will take audiences to explore Hakka culture with more than 400 years of history.

At the press conference, Minister Lee Yung-de of the Hakka Affairs Council noted that the show will offer comprehensive insights into the beautiful route that embodies rich culture and history. For those who are interested in learning about Taiwan’s Hakka culture, he would recommend to watch the show before visiting Hakka communities in Taiwan.

Born to a British father and Hakka mother, Natalie noted that she is not familiar with Hakka culture and unable to speak the Hakka language though she has been always living in Taiwan. Thus, serving the host for this show gives her the opportunity to introduce Hakka culture to the world and rediscover her Hakka root.

When she tasted the unique Oriental Beauty Tea that is only produced in some Hakka communities during filming, she found out that her habit of drinking tea is not only influenced by her father, who enjoys drinking tea, but also a culture passed from her mother’s side. Such Hakka culture and lifestyle have passed through generations, said Natalie.

In the show, she will also learn cooking some traditional Hakka dishes from her aunt, such as Hakka fried shredded pork and mixed vegetable, to present Hakka food culture and lifestyle, added Natalie.

In addition to National Geographic, the show will also air on Star World, Star Chinese Channel, and FOX in countries across Southeast Asia, Middle East, Japan, and Oceania this November.