Hakka Opera series: “Shou Dong Xi”

A series of traditional Hakka opera performances will be running from Oct. 16 through Dec.11 across Taiwan to celebrate the “Shou Dong Xi (收冬戲),” a traditional harvest festival of Hakka held to return to God’s blessings.

Before entering winter, the Shou Dong Xi is one of the biggest events in lunar October for Taiwanese Hakka to express their thankfulness for harvest and blessings of God. During this month, Hakka people would offer a wide variety of food, and set up outdoor stage in front of temples to present performances to entertain God.

As the Shou Dong Xi embodies Hakka folk tradition, belief, entertainment, art, and culture, it has been selected by the Hakka Affairs Council as one of its 12 Hakka Festivals. This year, the Council invites eight Hakka troupes and the National Taiwan College of Performing Arts to stage performances across nine cities in Taiwan.

The featured troupes include those who seek to revive and pass on Hakka opera through creating new style of Hakka opera productions. They will each stage an original piece or production that takes inspiration from history or literary works.

“Romance of the Three Kingdoms – Seeking Love over Thousand Miles (三國演義~千里金蘭情),” for example, is a love story based on the Chinese historical novel of “Romance of the Three Kingdoms.”

The festival will be kicked off with “Dream of Prosperity (繁華夢)” by Jingsheng Opera (景勝戲劇團) at the Kaohsiung-based Chao Yun Temple (朝雲宮), which will also hold temple fairs, rituals, and various cultural activities to celebrate the traditional Hakka festival.

In addition to local temples, the Council will partner with local schools, communities, and public sectors to join its efforts in revitalizing Hakka traditions and beliefs, as well as promoting traditional Hakka operas through this festival. 

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Featured lineup:
Wen He Legendary Theater Troupe (文和傳奇戲劇團)
Jin Man Yuan Hakka Opera Troupe (金滿圓戲劇團)
Jingsheng Opera (景勝戲劇團)
Song-Xing Taiwan Hakka Opera (松興戲劇團)
De-Tai Theater Troupe (德泰戲劇團)
New Paradise Theater Troupe (新樂園戲劇團)
Rong Ying Hakka Opera Troupe(榮英客家戲劇團)
Gui-Feng Opera Troupe (貴鳳歌劇團)