Overseas Hakka groups visit Hakka community in Taichung

A group of overseas Taiwanese of Hakka descent, who came to Taiwan for the 2018 Leadership Council of Overseas Hakka Groups conference, visited the Hakka community and the Taichung World Floral Expo in Taichung on Oct. 24.

Arranged by the Hakka Affairs Council, the trip included visiting the Dongshi Forestry Culture Park, Tuniu Hakka Cultural Hall, Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park, and Shihgang Dam in Dongshi District, where the major population is people of Hakka descent.

Roughly 300 participants were introduced the local Hakka traditions and culture, as well as Taiwan’s dedication and efforts toward preserving Hakka cultural assets during their tour to the Tuniu Hakka Cultural Hakk and Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park, which preserves local history of Hakka settlement and Hakka cultural relics respectively.

The Dongshi Forestry Culture Park, a timber manufacturer-turned recreation park, amazed the group with its preservation of history, culture, and natural resources, as well as the extensive display of wood sculptures.   

In coincidence with the soft opening of the Taichung World Floral Exposition, which will be running from Nov. 3 through April 24, 2019, a guided tour also took them to visit the Agri-tech and Conservation Pavilion in Waipu Expo Site.

The tour guided the group to learn about Taiwan’s agricultural and gardening technology through showcasing them the five agricultural values of “farmers,” “agriculture,” “countryside,” “agricultural products,” and “processed agricultural products,” which are highlighted in the pavilion’s different sections.

To showcase them the Hakka blue-dyed kites, the Council also invited professionals from the Stunt Kite Association to perform stunt kite flying, including a bicycle-shaped kite created by craft artist Feng Can-huang (馮燦煌) that shows the creativity of Taiwan.

A dynamic stunt of “little egret riding a bicycle,” which first presented at the Yilan International Children's Folklore and Folkgame Festival in 2016, was also performed to impress the audience.

The purpose of this trip is to showcase the government’s achievement regarding Hakka affairs. It also gave overseas Hakka an opportunity to experience and enjoy the Hakka culture in Taiwan.

Previously, the overseas Hakka groups had participated in a Hakka singing competition held in the morning to celebrate Hakka music.