“Provincial Highway 3” forums kick off in Taoyuan

To help the public understand the Taiwan Romantic Route 3, a national flagship project to revitalize culture, industries, and tourism in Hakka communities, the Hakka Affairs Council will hold forums in Taoyuan, Hsinchu, Miaoli, and Taichung from June 25 through August 31.

The Taiwan Romantic Route 3 refers to the Provincial Highway 3, an industrial road constructed during the Japanese colonial era for military purpose. Following three times of reorganization, the Provincial Highway 3, which goes from northern Taiwan to the south, became a major road that connects sixteen Hakka communities in western Taiwan.

In addition to the economic development brought by the route, the Taiwan Romantic Route 3 project aims at revitalizing Hakka history, culture, and industry, as well as tourism in Hakka communities through cultural approach.

The first phase of the project emphasizes on building up the cultural infrastructure of Hakka communities, which includes investigation on Hakka communities along the route, publication of books about Hakka culture and history, promote music and literature, and create art villages and cultural parks, as well as improve natural and cultural landscape.

The first phase will also integrate cultural and creative industry, young entrepreneurs program, industry settlement, and cultural tourism to develop various projects for rejuvenating Hakka culture, history, and communities.

The Hakka Affairs Council has established the Managing Platform of the Executive Yuan’s Taiwan Romantic Route 3 (行政院臺三線客庄浪漫大道治理平臺) in 2016 to organize over 100 projects in collaboration with eleven public sectors, four cities, and five scholars.

Focusing on three aspects including culture cultivation, environment improvement, and industrial development, the platform has provided resources for conducting numerous projects, such as organize traditional and innovative Hakka festivals, build Hakka memorial halls and museums, improve natural walking tracks, and reorganize street blocks in cities and towns.

Kicking off in Longtian District of Taoyuan, a total of 43 forums will explain the Taiwan Romantic Route 3 project, update the process, and offer reviews of the projects to the general public and gather the public’s feedback and advice for the project.

The forums will enable participants to gain a deeper understanding of the development, results, and future prospects of the Romantic Route 3 project as well as its subprojects. They will also be allowed to exchange ideas and share opinions on advancing the project and empowering Hakka communities.

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