HAKKA VAR Virtual Reality Technology Takes Hakka by Storm; Lee Yung-te Foresees Sparks of Innovation from Meeting of New Tech and Culture

客委會主委李永得與「HAKKA VAR:原創漫畫‧智慧創生」執行團隊合影When modern technology meets Hakka culture, what kind of sparks will fly? Minister Lee visited the Taipei Artist Village to participate in the HAKKA VAR: Original Comics & Smart Creations presentation, and to experience virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) digital technologies. Minister Lee said that he hopes online media and innovative digital technology can be used to reproduce the classic plots and settings in the works of Hakka manga artists, and that these in turn can attract the younger generation to actively come in contact with Hakka culture so that its cultural legacy will live on.
Hakka manga artist representatives Mr. Liu Hsing-chin and Mr. Yeh Chia-lung were also invited to participate in the presentation. Minister Lee said that manga plays a major role in both daily life and cultural dissemination; regardless of era, manga has always been a medium that youth want to access. A National Chiao Tung University team was commissioned to use brand new digital archiving technology to reproduce the classic settings and plots shown in the works of Hakka manga artists. The purpose was to pay respect to the artists, show the government's regard for the works, and to preserve these works forever. But even more than this, Minister Lee also emphasized that he hopes that the integration of modern technology and Hakka culture will help the public to get a sense of how Hakka culture is keeping up with the times. Further, this use of technology will encourage young people to experience Hakka culture as part of their living heritage.