Promoting Hakka Cultural Cuisine: Lee Yung-te Looks Forward to Energizing Hakka Villages and Gaining International Exposure

1110-2To promote Hakka culture, Provincial Highway 3 tourism, and Hakka village cuisine, Minister Lee paid special visits to Hsinchu City and Hsinchu County on November 10 to participate in related activities. He also stated that Romantic Provincial Highway 3 is creating a historical, cultural, and industrial avenue for Hakka culture. By energizing the Hakka villages, this will drive forward the local industries of the Hakka villages and rebuild Hakka vitality, which will help bring Hakka culture to the international stage.
To create edible landscape cooperative communities for the Provincial Highway 3 Hakka villages, to pass on concepts of healthy eating & farming, and to utilize locally-grown foods in creative Hakka fine dining, the HAC has incorporated community mini-tours for the first time. After three months of hard work, 12 healthy LOHAS co-operative communities have been created, one after the other, in Hakka villages around the country.
The HAC has selected 12 Hakka village communities that have potential from around the northern, southern, western, and eastern regions of Taiwan. Currently, 9 communities and over 360 people have already completed the systematic community talent training courses. In the courses, professional chefs have used locally-grown foods to tailor-make two creative Hakka dishes for each community. This has completely overturned the stereotype of Hakka cuisine as "salty, fragrant, and oily". In addition, the communities have also eagerly shared their own particular travel attractions. Future activities that combine local harvest tables and community mini-tours will help more people to learn about and experience Hakka culture.