HAKKA FOOD Results Presentation: Hakka Cuisine Forges New Ground

1108-2In order to promote Hakka food culture and cultivation of the Hakka culinary industry, Minister Lee attended the HAKKA FOOD mentoring results presentation and badge of honor award ceremony press conference on November 8. In addition to personally issuing badges of honor to representatives from 26 restaurants, he also promised to continue to support and promote the Hakka culinary industry and to forge new ground for the innovative Hakka cuisine industry.
The HAC will continue to promote the Hakka culinary industry. Through combined efforts in the cultivation of talent, improvement of the environment, new creative cuisines, and the beautification and refinement of presentation, the HAC will help forge new ground for the Hakka innovative cuisine industry.
The HAC has indicated that Hakka restaurants are an optimal channel and industry showcase for Hakka culinary culture. After three terms of the mentoring program, 26 restaurants around Taiwan have received the badges of honor. This will continue both the legacy and the innovation of classic Hakka cuisine and culture. It is also hoped that through the HAKKA FOOD mentor training program, restaurant management quality can be improved and Hakka cultural features can be incorporated, so as to drive the economies of the Hakka villages and Hakka culinary tourism.