Creating a Romantic Provincial Highway 3: Lee Yung-te Anticipates Community Revival by Returning Youth

1030-1Creating a Romantic Provincial Highway 3: Lee Yung-te Anticipates Community Revival by Returning Youth
On October 30, Minister Lee went to Hsinchu and Miaoli Counties to inspect local work stations and Youth Volunteer Groups. His first stop was the local work station in Hengshan, Hsinchu, where he affirmed how the local work stations can effectively provide a space to raise and discuss community issues. He also expressed his hope that the next generation can return home and participate in community building, in order to pass on the legacy of Hakka language, culture, and industry.
He then followed up with a visit to Emei Township to inspect the Emei Peach Blossom Land — Shi'erliao Cyclical Co-operative Community Program. The program transforms vacant lots around the community into communal food storage warehouses, and establishes underground refrigerators and food recycling systems. Innovative energy-saving facilities are used to implement the environmentally-friendly concept of resource recycling.
Finally, Minister Lee visited Sanwan Township in Miaoli County to inspect the Hakka Culture In-Depth Experience and Environmental Planning Youth Volunteer Group. The focus of this program is on young people who return to their hometowns and act as the "seeds" in the revival of the local communities. In addition, the local residents and businesses are invited to citizen meetings to discuss what special local features they hope to present.
Minister Lee emphasized that the loss of labor in rural areas is a global trend. Therefore, the key to rejuvenating farming communities lies in the creation of unique local features. The return of these youth "seeds" and their interaction with the residents will help to build local consensus, so that government resources can be invested to create maximum benefit. He also looks forward to seeing how, through the citizen deliberation model of returning youth "seeds" and their interaction with the residents, this will create a romantic Provincial Highway 3 with unique local flavor.