Lee Yung-te Visits Yilan in Hopes of Rekindling Its Hakka Nature

1025-1There is a group of "recessive" Hakka people in the Lanyang Plain. They may not know how to speak Hakkanese, but Hakka culture is in their blood, and the Hakka spirit can be seen everywhere in their lives. About half of the population in Yilan County's Dongshan Township are Zhao'an Hakka, whose ancestors came from Fujian Province. Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) Minister Lee Yung-te specially visited Dongshan Township in Yilan County on October 25 in hopes of rekindling Yilan's Hakka nature through local stories of Hakka life, and highlighting Yilan's unique Hakka culture.

Minister Lee indicated that according to a Dongshan Township Office survey, nearly half of the township's population traces their roots to Zhao'an in Fujian, making them a group of "recessive" Zhao'an Hakka people. He stated his hope that the county government and planning teams will persistently work to bring back the Hakka nature of Yilan, by imbuing a sense of culture and deepening residents' sense of identity.

The Corridor of Life Stories and Construction Project for Ajiancheng and Huoshaocheng Hakka Villages in Dongshan, proposed by the Dongshan Township Office, is aimed at sorting through the relationships between Hakka irrigation canals, Hakka temples, and Hakka residential villages. This will allow the long-hidden Hakka features and nature of Yilan to be seen.