A New Focus for Travel Between Taiwan and Japan Lee Yung-te Visits Japan to Promote the Romantic Provincial Highway 3

客委會主委李永得(左4)、臺灣觀光協會會長葉菊蘭(中)及交通部觀光局長周永暉(右4)赴日出席「客家浪漫大道台三線研討會」。In order to expand Japan's international tourism market for the Romantic Provincial Highway 3, Hakka Affairs Council Minister Lee Yung-te, Taiwan Visitors Association Chairperson Yeh Chu-lan, and Tourism Bureau Director-general Chou Yung-hui traveled to Tokyo to meet with local government tourism departments and public associations. Minister Lee remarked that Romantic Provincial Highway 3 displays the rich culture of the Hakka people. He also sincerely invited Japanese visitors to participate in the 2018 Hakka Tung Blossom Festival, and to experience the romantic springtime atmosphere of Romantic Provincial Highway 3.

Minister Lee and the other members of the group visited influential tourism organizations and large-scale travel agencies in Japan to promote Romantic Provincial Highway 3. For the first time ever, they held a Hakka Romantic Provincial Highway 3 Forum in Tokyo and personally communicated the beauty of Taiwan's Hakka villages along Provincial Highway 3.

Minister Lee said that visiting the Hakka villages along Provincial Highway 3 is the best way to experience the beauty and romance of taking it easy, and also a way to experience Hakka people's hospitality and love for the land. The Japanese travel industry expressed a great dealof praise for tours of the Hakka villages along Provincial Highway 3, so rich in ethnic cultural characteristics. They also welcomed Taiwan to promote completely new Hakka tours and provide Japanese tourists with more options for overseas travel.