2017 Yimin Festival Opens in Hsinchu Minister Lee Expresses Wishes for a Long-Lasting Legacy of Hakka Loyalty

1060909 客委會主委李永得(右4)陪同行政院長賴清德至新埔褒忠亭義民廟上香祈福 In order to carry forward Lord Yimin's love for this home and land, the Hsinchu County Government and Hsinchu City Government both organized a series of Hakka Yimin Festivities on September 9, 2017. Accompanied by Hakka Affairs Council Minister Lee Yung-te, Premier Lai Ching-te headed to the Xinpu Baozhong Yimin Temple to attend 2017's Opening Ceremony for the 12 Major Hakka Festivities - "Spirit of Righteousness for a Thousand Autumns" Hsinchu Hakka Festival Creative Carnival. They paid their highest respects to Lord Yimin, and prayed for good weather in Taiwan, as well as peace and prosperity for its people. Minister Lee then hurried to Jinshan Temple in Hsinchu City to attend the 2017 Hsinchu City Hakka Yimin Festival, with hopes that the Hakka people will uphold the spirit of Yimin loyalty and carry on the legacy of Hakka culture.

In his first time attending the festivities, Premier Lai showed respect to the spirit of Yimin, and thanked the Hakka people for their participation. He also stated that Provincial Highway 3 has been written into the annual budget and the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development budget, and that with cooperation between the local and central governments, the Romantic Provincial Highway 3 project will definitely be completed soon.

After the blessing ceremony of Hsinchu County, Minister Lee hurried to Jinshan Temple in Hsinchu City to attend the 2017 Hsinchu City Hakka Yimin Festival. In his speech, he emphasized that Lord Yimin is the most important religious leader in Hakka culture, and the only god to originate in Taiwan. During the Japanese invasion of Taiwan in 1895, many Hakka ancestors died to protect their homeland. The sacrifices that they made with their lives allowed later generations to lead peaceful and prosperous lives. This spirit of loyalty and righteousness has also played an extremely important role in the overall development of democracy in Taiwan.