Lee Yung-te visits Miaoli with hopes to recreate the Hakka cultural landscape along Provincial Highway 3

 客委會主委李永得(圖中)現勘鯉魚潭水庫【幸福花之島】營造計畫HAC Minister Lee Yung-te visited Dahu and Sanwan in Miaoli on July 31st to inspect the development of local Hakka culture, industry, and living environments, and to hear the opinions of local residents. Minister Lee hopes that everyone will work together to show off the romantic Hakka customs of Provincial Highway 3, develop the Hakka cultural landscape, and inject new energy into Hakka villages.
With regard to the "Island of the Happy Flowers" Development Plan proposed by Dahu Township Office, Minister Lee noted that the site is located on the main road that enters Zhuolan Township from Jingshan Bridge, on Provincial Highway 3. Minister Lee also noted that, if the Plan is well designed, it can be expected to become a major attraction on Provincial Highway 3. He also promised to make the development plan a consideration of the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program.
In regards to Dahu Old Street, so frequently visited by tourists, Minister Lee pointed out that in addition to improving the landscape, being able to present the underlying cultural features and have sustainable maintenance are even more important. He recommended the principle of reduction to strengthen the harmonious feel of the street, and also the use of creative signboard designs to emphasize coordination with the environment.
Dahe Elementary School is located near Provincial Highway 3 and the largest pond in Miaoli County's Sanwan Township, but the school was dissolved and merged into Sanwan Elementary School in August 2014 due to the impact of low birth rates. The Culture and Tourism Bureau of Miaoli County is planning to renovate the idle campus and use it as an Agro-Innovation Institute. The Bureau also aims to empower youth returning to their hometown, and to establish an industrial chain while incubating social enterprises.