2017 Hakka Youth International Affairs Mission sets off; Lee Yung-te presents flag and expresses hope that they will show what they have learned

李主委授旗The Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) organized the first selection of members for the Hakka Youth International Affairs Delegation a few days ago. The purposes are to encourage youth to participate in international affairs, and to promote Hakka cultural exchange, both within Taiwan and overseas. The newly formed delegation will travel to the United States on August 3rd. Minister Lee personally hosted the flag presentation ceremony on July 28th, during which he expressed his hopes that these Hakka youth, who are fluent in both Hakkanese and English, will display both Taiwan's Hakka culture and what they have learned in the Hakka language to the world.
Minister Lee said that the itinerary includes a wide variety of activities, and that the students are on a very important mission. He therefore specially reminded them not to put too much pressure on themselves. He said they should embrace the process in a spirit of joy in learning and relaxation, and show themselves as the new generation of Hakka stars. He also hoped that the students will integrate what they have learned as they promote Hakka culture internationally. Through these Hakka youth who set out to face the world, everyone will see the results of passing Hakka culture down, generation to generation.
Of the 139 applicants, 11 Hakka youth who are fluent in both Hakka and English were selected; they all identify strongly with their Hakka heritage, and average only 17 years of age. The delegation will receive two weeks of training before departing, then travel to Los Angeles, Washington, D.C., Houston, and New York between August 3rd and 16th. They will engage in goodwill visits, observe and learn international affairs, and engage in cultural exchange. The biannual World Hakka Culture Conference is one of the main events for the delegation. The delegation will also engage in exchanges with local people and Hakka associations, promoting Taiwan's Hakka culture and helping the world to see Taiwan.