Lee Yung-te participates in Meinong Yellow Butterfly Festival; hopes to protect the sustainability of mountain forest ecology

1060716客委會主委李永得參與「第二十一屆美濃黃蝶祭」祭蝶儀式As summer is the season for admiring yellow butterflies, Minister Lee made a special trip to the Yellow Butterfly Valley in Meinong, Kaohsiung on July 16th. He attended the rite of offerings to the butterflies in the 2017 21st Meinong Yellow Butterfly Festival. He first worshiped the mountain god Bogong, according to the traditional ritual developed 20 years ago for the Festival. After this, Minister Lee expressed his hope that everyone will respect nature and work together to protect the mountain forests, so as to achieve sustainable development of our ecological environment.
This event is deeply endowed with the atmosphere of Meinong, and is also filled with the spirit of Satoyama. Minister Lee also assisted by handing out the Sustainable Meinong Award. Minister Lee said: "As we admire the fireflies in the Shuangxi mountain forest in Yellow Butterfly Valley, I hope that everyone will respect nature, help the spirit of protecting the mountain forest to pass down from generation to generation, and work together to preserve our beautiful homeland. This will help humanity to maintain coexistence with the environment, in a sustainable state of harmony."
Minister Lee then visited the Meinong Hakka Cultural Museum to see the Historical Perspective and Exhibition of the End of the Tobacco Industry planned by Lu Ming-te. The exhibition displays 22 works about tobacco farmers, tobacco, and the landscape by 15 artists. The artists linked images of tobacco and the industry with Meinong's past, present, and future, through their individual perspectives. The public is welcome to visit this three-month exhibition.