Executive Yuan Passes Draft Amendment to the Hakka Basic Act A Great 16th Anniversary Present for the Hakka Affairs Council

The Executive Yuan's 3553rd sitting on June 15, 2017 approved a draft amendment to the Hakka Basic Act. Minister Lee said, "Today is the 16th anniversary of the establishment of the HAC, so the fact that the draft amendment was passed smoothly in the Executive Yuan and sent to the Legislative Yuan is especially meaningful for the Hakka people." 
0615pic Key points of the draft amendment include: Designating Hakka as a national language, equal to the languages of other groups, and promoting the use of Hakka as the common language in areas where Hakka populations are concentrated; The National Hakka Development Plan was also drafted as a policy guideline, ensuring the autonomous development of Hakka language and culture in major areas of Hakka cultural development. A substantial fraction of civil servants in major areas of Hakka culture development must pass the Hakka language proficiency test, and Hakka should be listed as a criterion for promotion. The government must fund the establishment of the Hakka Language Research and Development Center and the Hakka Public Communications Foundation, and secure the people's right to learn in their mother tongue.