Keeping a Promise to the Hakka People Celebrating the Launch of FM105.9 Hakka Radio

The national radio channel Hakka Radio (FM105.9), highly anticipated by the Hakka people, officially went on air June 23, 2017, with President Tsai Ing-Wen making the first broadcast in Hakka. In promoting a national atmosphere of "Speaking Hakka", this is a tremendous step towards protecting Hakka people's right of access to the media and their right to cultural expression.0623-1
President Tsai stated, "With today as the first broadcast of Hakka Radio, I am delighted to witness everyone's efforts to promote and pass down Hakka language and culture. We have made another big step forward. This first broadcast today shows the government's determination to work hard for the Hakka language and culture."
President Tsai mentioned that in 1988, Hakka people organized the 10,000-person Return My Mother Tongue march, but it wasn't until 1997 that Taiwan got its first Hakka radio station. Now, with our spirit of resolve, Hakka Radio has finally begun. 
Minister Lee stated that currently, there are 170 radio stations in Taiwan, yet only 5 are in Hakka, or around 3% of the total. This is clearly insufficient, considering that Hakka people make up 19.3% of the Taiwanese population. That is why the launch of this national Hakka radio station is so important. He also urged all fellow Hakka people to support the radio station and create an environment suited to the survival and development of Hakka radio broadcasts. 
The HAC said that Hakka Radio features a wide variety of shows, full of Hakka cultural characteristics; the station invites famous Hakka experts on related topics, and produces shows with Hakka as the primary language. As for where to listen to the station, the public can set their radios to 106.9 FM, or listen to the shows through the official Hakka Radio website and websites like HAKKA ING and Hichannel Online Radio. This will allow breaking from the coverage restrictions of traditional radio broadcasts, and attract more young people to understand and appreciate what it means to be Hakka.