After Being Digitized, Artwork by Hakka Manga Artists Inspires New Cultural and Creative Energy

客委會主委李永得(右二)參加「客籍漫畫家作品的創新與重現記者會」,並與葉佳龍先生(葉宏甲之子)、劉興欽先生、張懋中校長、陳偉聲先生(陳定國之子),張維安院長合影The Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) and National Chiao Tung University (NCTU) recently teamed up on a project to digitize a collection of artwork created by Hakka manga artists. Using innovative technologies, widely-loved manga characters and artistic content were revived and preserved for the future. While attending a press event on April 19, 2017 entitled "Artwork by Ethnic Hakka Manga Artists: Innovation and Revival", HAC Minister Lee Yung-te exclaimed that he anticipates the project's digitization of classic manga content will enable younger generations to absorb life experience and creativity from the past while laying a strong foundation for the continued development of innovative artwork in the future.

Minister Lee Yung-te believes that digitizing the artwork of ethnic Hakka manga artists will serve as a poignant model which integrates technology, arts, and culture. In addition to helping to preserve and perpetuate the wisdom of our forebears, the project will inspire a new generation with cultural and creative energy and spur development of related industries. Similar types of projects will be promoted in the future. Moreover, NCTU and the families of the manga artists deserve gratitude for their help and support; as a result of everyone's concerted efforts, it is anticipated that these classic works of art will once again gain a new lease on life.

According to the HAC, Yeh Hong-chia, Liu Hsing-chin, and Chen Ding-guo are acclaimed artists in the manga tradition who achieved fame early on in Taiwan. In addition to having all been born in Hsinchu, these artists also have an intimate connection with Hakka culture. The HAC hopes that the use of virtual reality, a highly popular form of modern technology, will allow original artwork by ethnic Hakka artists to be transformed from their original static two-dimensional compositions and unidirectional communication format into highly interactive digital cultural compositions consisting of a virtual multimedia three-dimensional format. By adopting the latest in smart technology, the new digital creations will renew and revitalize the intrinsic spirit and ingenuity of Hakka cultural heritage.