Five-year music program

The Eight Notes of Hakka Music- Ancient music performances
Hakka music and theater are the most prominent features of Hakka culture. For the revival of Hakka culture, Hakka music and theater have to be taken into consideration. Therefore, CHA was planning to give Hakka music and theater the highest priority starting 2004, with the theater part handled separately. It is hoped that within five years systematic, coordinated collecting, compiling, safekeeping, studying, assisting, exchanging, creating, and performing can be carried out to preserve traditional Hakka music and raise the possibility of developing and innovating Taiwan Hakka music. Meantime, individuals versed in the composing, performing, and studying of Hakka music are to be cultivated in order to create a more favorable environment for the development of Hakka music. Hakka music should be revived and promoted to allow Hakka music to gain further development on existing basis.
The Eight Notes of Hakka Music - Performance
Culture and art are the most precious assets of a racial group. Whether popular or refined, it takes a long time for them to accumulate and to be passed down and inherited. Through constant migration, Hakka music has been reborn in various parts of Taiwan with new elements added in. It exists in a society where Hakka culture is not the mainstream culture in various forms. It contains the insistence and adaptation of traditional music, the ongoing creation, and a small amount of ideals of artistic music brought into full play. Though Hakka music abounds, little has been done to preserve it. Meantime, an environment favorable for creation of Hakka music doesn’t exist. Below (please download attachment) we are going to examine the current status of preservation of Hakka music and music events. With the examination, we hope to highlight Hakka music’s predicament and advantage at current stage in the hope of drawing up a more proper, comprehensive plan for its future development.

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