Barrier-free Hakka language environment

Promoting Barrier-Free Environment for Hakka Language program; implementing revival of Hakka language in public domain. 
In order to establish an environment suitable for the growth of Hakka language and make Hakka language one of mainstream languages, the program aims to encourage villages, towns and cities to work with communities, civic groups, stores, and businesses in an effort to push forward Hakka language villages, towns, and cities program and effectively preserve Hakka language. The objective is for Hakka language to become public, popular, and living. Villages, towns and cities are urged to promote the program depending on their individual characteristics and needs. There are over 90 villages and towns that have a Hakka population of at least 10%. For effective promotion of the program, in future large sums of money need to be invested to expand the program. Meantime, the program is to enable the return of Hakka language to public domain, promote Hakka language barrier-free environment program, and urge large hospitals such as NTU hospital, Linkou Chang Gung, Veterans hospital, and Hualian Tzu Chi to set up Hakka language service counters to serve more Hakka people, in an effort to return Hakka language to public domain and raise its public-domain visibility.