Cabbage and Pork Wrapped in Tofu Sheets

Cabbage and Pork Wrapped in Tofu Sheets
  • Created by Zheng Yanji
  • Ingredients
dried cabbage 200 g baby shrimp skin 5 g
onions 20 g ginger 20 g
semicircular tofu sheets 3 low gluten flour  
star anise 1 purple cabbag 150 g
pork belly 150 g baby cabbage 150 g
  • Seasonings
pork bone meal   sesame oil   yellow rice bean paste  
soy sauce   potato starch    

A. Slice the pork belly into thin strips (half lean half fat) and sauté; add star anise, dried cabbage, 
onions, ginger, broth, baby shrimp skin and spices to create the stuffing. 
B. Cut the tofu skin into small squares and use them to wrap the ingredients from A; seal with flower and fry
Fry for 40 seconds in 160⁰C oil. 
C. Add an appropriate amount of broth to the pan, then add the spices and boil; stir in the ingredients from B and steam for 10 minutes. Garnish with purple and green cabbage.