Butter Melon with Pork Stuffing

Butter Melon with Pork Stuffing
  • Created by Wu Songlian
  • Ingredients
elon 300g onions 10g
minced pork 150g cordia berries 20g
dried preserved mustard greens 80g fried shallot flakes 10g
Minced ginger 20g Shuipeng 50g
carrots 50g eggs   1
bamboo shoots 50g  
  • Seasonings soy sauce, rice wine, sesame oil, pepper, potato starch, red yeast paste

A. Halve the bitter melon and remove the seeds; make shallow cuts on the surface, blanch it, and set aside. 
B. Thinly slice the minced pork and mix with dried preserved mustard greens, ginger, onions, fried shallot flakes and spices; stuff into the bitter melon and cook. 
C. Soak the cordia berries in water and spices, then place on top of the bitter melon.