Abalone and Shrimp Wrapped in an Egg Sheet

Abalone and Shrimp Wrapped in an Egg Sheet

  • Created by Chen Jiamo
  • Ingredients
abalone 100 g preserved radish 150 g
asparagus 1000 g shrimp 150 g
Small leeks 100g Whole eggs 6
wild lotus 1 bamboo shoots 100g
milk 1 cup water chestnut 100 g
  • Seasonings

Seasonings (1)

 sauce 1/2 teaspoon Mushroom powder 1/4 teaspoon
pepper 1/8 teaspoon    

Seasonings (2)

red yeast 1/2 cup MSG 1/8 teaspoon
water 1 tablespoon sugar 1/4 teaspoon

 A. Mince the abalone and leeks.

B. Mince and blanch the shrimp, water chestnut, and bamboo shoots. 
C. Mince and soak the preserved radish for 30 minutes then lightly fry. 
D. Mix the above ingredients with Seasonings (1) and cook until thickened to form the stuffing. Cool and arrange on the leeks. 
E. Fried egg wrapper: add milk and potato starch to egg whites; cook the yolk separately to form a two colored wrapper. 
F. Blanch and cook the asparagus and wild lotus and set aside. 
G. Place the stuffing into the egg wrapper, seal with the wild lotus, and steam for 3~5 minutes. 
H. Mix the Seasonings (2) and place them on the plate. Add the asparagus and serve in the shape of a pomegranate