6. The differences between northern and southern Taiwan Hakka foods

Due to different terrain and weather, northern and southern Taiwan Hakka foods are somewhat different. They have different features. For instance, the Feng dishes of southern Taiwan are very famous. Everyone knows Meinong Pig Knuckles is soft after cooking for a long time. To add flavor, squash, cabbage, and shredded bamboo shoot are added to stew to enhance pig knuckles’ flavor. Stewed pig knuckles have given inspiration to many famous regional dishes such as Dong Gua Feng and Gao Li Cai Feng. They are as delicious and soft as pig knuckles.

Due to the environment, pork has become the most used material in making Hakka dishes. Hakka villages everywhere are known for delicious dishes. Hakka food virtually puts the entire pig on the table. Pig knuckles are the most famous dishes in both Meinong and Wanluan. Wanluan pig knuckles are stewed. They are chewy. They go very well with garlic soy sauce.

In his essays, novelist Zhong Tie-ming often mentions his memory of Hakka food. Foods sold by street vendors were his favorite. They include Long Kui Ye Wu Du Zi Zhou and Fu Cai grown by the water are specialties only found southern Taiwan. Ban Tiao, as northern Hakka call it, is called Mian Pa Ban in Meinong.