8. Conclusions

1. Uplifting Hakka spiritual culture
In order to allow people of different racial groups to understand Hakka people’s frugal, simple, and persistent spirit, and promote social interaction and interracial solidarity.

2. Tasting Hakka food flavor
Through past portraits of life, by tasting the flavor of salty, fatty, oily, and fragrant foods, people understand Hakka ancestors’ frugality and diligence and the look of early Hakka foods.

3. Reshaping Hakka refined food culture
By combining modern transportation, life experience, cooking techniques, and health food, Hakka fine food can be reshaped to make it more refined, popular, and modern.

4. Creative combinations of Hakka foods
Using Hakka living environment and food materials to make makeup analysis and the contribution to human health, making creative combination foods. Injecting new blood to the variety of modern foods is the future direction of Hakka food.

5. Great fusion of Hakka groups
Through activities to bring Hakka people everywhere together. Using existing environment, scenic spots, houses, and communities to recombine new industries and shape the future of tourism, culture, art, life and taste.