6. Food for entertaining guests at a banquet

1. Similar to southern Fujian customs, in the early days, cold dishes, stewed chicken and duck, pig stomach soup, Feng Rou, fish balls, braised fish, fried cuttlefish, shrimps, guts, and stewed pig knuckles are common dishes. Soups are often cooked.

2. Cold dishes are made with duck eggs, beef jerky, pig ears and tongues, fried vegetables, tomatoes, and shredded radish. Some use raw fish or boiled chicken or duck. Raw fish is made of sailfish and tuna, to be eaten by dipping it in mustard soy sauce.

3. Fried vegetables is made by deep frying fish, pork, and vegetables covered with batter.

4. Feng Rou is made by cooking a chunk of pork with green onions, soy sauce, sugar, and wine until it is mashy. Other Feng foods include cabbage, squash, and balsam pear.

5. The banquet doesn’t provide rice. Fried rice and wheat noodles, or Babao rice, cakes, and bread are provided instead. Babao rice is made by steaming glutinous rice along with sugar, squash slices, orange cakes, Gorgon fruit, longan pulp, lotus seeds, and large jujubes. Ba is an indispensable dessert on wedding banquets.

6. The sweet soup is made of sour plums, pineapple, salted prunes. and sugar.

7. Si Dian Jin means a plate of whole chicken placed in the middle of the table, with the head facing the seat of honor and the bottom facing the back. People are not supposed to eat the head, bottom, and wings of the chicken, or it would bring bad luck the family.