5. Food for weddings and funerals

1. For weddings, 10 carts of gift boxes are used as wedding gifts. In the carts are one pig, one goat, 2 jars of aged wine, 4 chickens, 4 ducks, 1 cart of 100-200 eggs with 8 painted red and returned to the bridegroom’s house, and 1 cart of squids.

2. The bridegroom drinks Beginning of Spring wine and Sugar wine.

3. After the ceremony is over, the couple eats Wufucai and Wuweifan.

4. In the bridal chamber, watermelon seeds, dates, lotus seeds, olives, peanuts, sesame, and hard bean curd are prepared. The use of peanuts and watermelon seeds is because they sound like giving birth to a son.

5. Eating your food for the first half of the night and ours for the second half.

6. Giving birth – In the first month after giving birth, a woman has to eat chicken. In the month, the woman shouldn’t eat head of the chicken for fear of shaking her head. She shouldn’t eat chicken wings for fear of attracting the wind, shouldn’t eat pig liver for fear of having too much milk, shouldn’t drink tea for fear of upsetting the belly button, shouldn’t eat beef for fear of coughing urine at old age, shouldn’t eat distillers’ grains for fear of eyes rotting, shouldn’t eat glutinous rice for fear of rice sticking to intestines, shouldn’t eat garlic for fear of bad breath. Food for women after giving birth – fatty chicken and dry rice.

7. Funerals – The right hand of the deceased have to hold Da Gou Ban. Throughout the funeral, all dishes cooked should contain no soy sauce.