4. Hakka foods on festivals

1. Chinese New year – The Chinese New Year is called Ru Nian Gua beginning December 25 of the lunar calendar. People begin cleaning their houses, making Fa Ban, Tian Ban, and all sorts of foods. On the morning of January 1, people have vegetarian food to cleanse their stomach.

2. Tomb-sweeping Festival – Pork, mutton, chicken, wine, Bing Cai, Fa Ban, and Aicao Ban are used on this occasion.

3. Dragon Boat Festival – (1) Calamus, mugwort, and kudzu are hung on the front door to ward off evil spirits and avoid diseases.
     (2) Zongzi is made.

4. Bogong’s Birthday – On June 6, pork and fish are prepared to worship deity of the land.

5. July 15 Festival – Sacrificial pig competition is held. The top 30 winners are allowed to enter the altar to worship, while others are not. The festival is also called Yulan Festival.

6. Moon Festival – People eat moon cakes and pomelo. Women often play Xizi game.

7. Double Ninth Festival – People drink chrysanthemum wine.

8. Winter Solstice – Pigs and goats are butchered to make sausages, liver, gall, and duck.

9. Worshipping deity of the stove – The deity of the stove is worshipped with three kinds of meat and wine. Sugar is spread to the picture of the deity.
    Couplet: Heaven says good things, good luck bestowed on earth; heaven reports good things, safety descended on earth.

10. Chinese New Year’s Eve – Stamping and making Ban, grinding bean curd, butchering chicken and ducks for worshipping, family getting together and having dinner with a stove burning with charcoal under the table.