Characteristics of Hakka delicacies


Hakka delicacies One  According to an old saying,  the Hakka people are in every mountain. As it is hard to find food in the mountain, the frugal Hakka people have developed all sorts of pickled foods. These are very tasty and can be preserved for a long time. In addition, Hakka take advantage of the fruits and vegetables found in their surroundings throughout the year and create a myriad of dishes and snacks.

Hakka delicacies Two  Hakka food has long been characterized as being salty, fragrant, and fatty. It is salty so that it can be preserved for a long time and to replenish the salt that people lose after a day of  hard farm work. It is fatty because the work that the Hakka people do require a great deal of  physical strength and they need to supplement their physical strength. It is fragrant so that it can stimulate the appetite and be more filling. In addition to all that, Hakka food is using hard foodstuffs (dried squid for example), which is why they pay special attention to the handling of the finished aroma of foods. 

Hakka delicacies Three  To facilitate frequent migrations and preservation of food, the frugal Hakka people have invented all kinds of pickles ranging from vegetables, fish, sauces, and red yeast, to dried foods. Pickled vegetables are a Hakka favorite. At the same time, the Hakka  are very good at making use of natural resources to create a wide range of side dishes and sauces. One example is orange sauce made of sour citrus. It has a thick fruit fragrance and is able to balance the greasy Hakka dishes, reducing the need for seasoning. The many snacks developed over the years due to seasonal changes also reflect the hardworking philosophy of the Hakka.