Nanchung, Miaoli– a stroll down memory lane
You may be in for a big disappointment if you walk along the streets in Nanchung looking for the nostalgic atmosphere peddled by the media. For those who spent unforgettable years… More
2005-11-22 /Midland
Tahu Ginger Garden
It will be a pity if one’s impression of Tahuis only about its strawberry. about its strawberry. “Yuntung (Cloud Cave) Mountain Tourist Orchard Area”, still known as “Ginger… More
2005-11-22 /Midland
Sanyi, Mioli – Appreciating Woodcraft, Visiting the Lakes, Touring the Rail Tracks
Getting off the Sanyi interchange from the Highway, the Woodcraft Street has long been there to greet every body alike.The woodcraft displayed in the shops is so rich at it is… More
2004-09-23 /Midland
Miaoli Nanchuang - Beautiful nature scenery for a life of ease and leisure
In the last few years, Nanchuang has become popularfor its coffee shops and guesthouses which have sprung up in the mountains. Travelers are often looking for rustic sights in the… More
2004-09-23 /Midland
Miaoli Gongguan - Golden Town – Discovering a new style of the leisure industry
With Yingge in Taoyuan and Shuili in Nantou, Gongguan County in Taoyuan was an early center for the ceramics industry in Taiwan. It is also the main place for the production of… More
2004-09-23 /Midland
Miaoli, Yunho mountain reservoir - bicycle route
Bicycle riding has become more and more more popular among both young and old people. On the roads, vacation vehicles with bicycles on racks can be seen everywhere. For people who… More
2004-09-22 /Midland
Miaoli’s Fruit Corridor
In mid-summer, there are sweet and juicy pears in Sanwan, Dahu and Jhuolan Townships of Miaoli County. Tai No.3 Road that leads to these three Hakka villages is called “Fruit… More
2004-09-22 /Midland
Restful fields, placid streams and Hakka hamlets
Honored as the Home of Environmental Protection (環保之鄉),Sihu Township is located on a plateau in western Miaoli with Taiwan Strait to its west across Houlong Township. This town is… More
2004-09-09 /Midland
The Many Faces of Sihu Township
riving along No 119 county road and Miao No 33 county road, you can see ancestral houses, temples and fields in Sihu Township. Along Miao No 34-2 county road, Miao No 28 county… More
2004-09-06 /Midland