Guansi Township-Placid walks amidst historical monuments
Guansi Township is a peaceful place with picturesque surroundings and fresh air, lush green forest trails and placid river walks. On holidays, its architecture, full of exotic… More
2004-09-09 /North
Emei-The origin of tea culture
Emei, known for its Beauty Tea, is a primitive and quiet township. The new moon shaped Dapu Reservoir that cuts off the Emei Lake and other natural landscape make Emei a perfect… More
2004-09-09 /North
Sinwu Township
Sinwu Township, next to Guanyin Township, next to Guanyin Township, is another important point for lotus appreciation. It is also the hometown of Luo Wenjia, Minister of the… More
2004-09-03 /North
Visiting Fusing Village
Fusing village is a traditional Hakka town where some traditional industries and life styles are still well preserved. It is the right place for tourists to experience Hakka… More
2004-08-03 /North
Lotus viewing at Kuanyin
With its success in industrial transformation in recent years, Kuanyin Village has become the most popular place in northern Taiwan where visitors could have the pleasure of… More
2004-07-20 /North
Binhai Guanyin – the forgotten Hakka community in Taoyuan
As their population is concentrated mainly in the mountain areas, it is rare to find a Hakka community by the sea such as Guanyin of Taoyuan. This township has buildings with… More
2004-07-20 /North
Beipu’s historical and religious treasures
Walking is the best way to visit Beipu. You can experience the beauty of traditional villages and historical buildings. Walking north from the bus transport station between… More
2004-07-06 /North
Beipu Township, Hsinchu Seedbed of Hakka History
Due to the fast development of the tourism industry, there have been many changes in Beipu these twenty years. Beipu, the primitive and quiet Hakka township plays an important… More
2004-07-06 /North
The Hakka is alive in Longtan
Longtan Township is famous for its peanut candies with various flavors. If you want to visit this historic town, drive down the Longtan interchange of Second Northern Highway and… More
2004-07-05 /North
"Puff Tea" - The Eastern Beauty Tea
"Puff" Oolong Tea is mainly produced in the Pei Pu and Er Mei Hsiang region in Hsin Tzu County. Tea is the major crop in this region. Ninety percent of the residents are full or… More
2004-01-05 /North