Abibai Live Band: a band that composes beautiful music for its homeland
“Abibai” was a well-known figure in Taichung City’s Shigang, Dongshi, Xinshe, and Heping areas in the 1950s and 1960s. It is said that “Abibai” refers to a lunatic woman More
Rong Ying Hakka Opera Troupe: a new revolution of traditional Hakka opera
The Rong Ying Hakka Opera Troupe uses a different way of thinking to combine traditional Hakka opera with modern art to free Hakka opera from the old-fashioned style. Through… More
Shan Puppet Theater: a group that combines Hakka folk songs with puppet theater
The Shan Puppet Theater is one of the few puppet theatre troupes in the country that can perform in the Hakka dialect. It has not only expanded the audience for puppet theater,… More