The Stiff-necked Photograher Group
The Stiff-necked Photographer Group in Miaoli County was founded in 1991. At present, it has 11 members and most of them are government employees. For the past years, they follow… More
Liu Jen-chiang
The Taiya people, who are born and raised here, are the subject of interest and at the same time the responsibility of the photographers who are true to their profession. More
Hsu Yung-kun
Feeling sad about the missing of the art in making traditional handicrafts. However, being happy that the active nature of the children remains unchanged even when the time… More
Huang Hsing-mu
The traditional arts and craft performnces given at temples and festival celebrations are reviving and getting the attention of the photographers More
Lee Han-lung
Portraying the Hakka people's perseverance, industriousness, unsophisticatedness, love of peace and journeying back to the good old days. More
Chen Yun-chin
When we are marvelling at the success of economic development, I still miss the hard days of the old time country life. I also hope that we would never forget our roots and origin. More
Li Chen-chi
As time changes quickly, scenes that took place ten or twenty years ago could hardly be seen again. "Retaining the scene" is one of the functions of photography. More
Hsieh Chi-jeou
Burning charcoal is a tough job, especially when you have to do it day and night and stay in the open. Such scenes are difficult to find nowadays. More
Lo Han-chang
The simple country life of working in daybreak and resting after sunset leaves in me a train of memories on "industriousness" and "perseverance." More
Chiu Teh-yun
Agricultural society is simple and rich in human touch. Unforgettable streets are now disappearing and what is left in my mind in this instant is only the lingering memory. More