The Hakka is alive in Longtan
Longtan Township is famous for its peanut candies with various flavors. If you want to visit this historic town, drive down the Longtan interchange of Second Northern Highway and… More
2004-07-05 /North
Sankengzih-A walk through an old village street
Sankengzih, a tranquil Hakka village lies on the east side of Tai No. 3 Motorway opposite to the Shihmen Dam . Like Dashi, that became prosperous due to its riverside location,… More
Reviving Meinung's tobacco curing barns
Meinung has some of the most unusual tobacco curing barns. When the tobacco business was at its peak, they were almost everywhere. Many students who later went on to high school… More
2004-04-06 /South
Meinung Chin Hsi Street
The best way to enjoy Meinung's architecture is to pay a visit to Yung An Road, dubbed "Meinung's No. 1 Street." In addition to relics and old buildings dating back to hundreds of… More
2004-01-06 /South
"Puff Tea" - The Eastern Beauty Tea
"Puff" Oolong Tea is mainly produced in the Pei Pu and Er Mei Hsiang region in Hsin Tzu County. Tea is the major crop in this region. Ninety percent of the residents are full or… More
2004-01-05 /North