The Dazi (smaller than the Ai) is used in Beiguan (Wind Ensemble Of The North) drama.... More
2006-01-12 /Aerophones
Electronic Guitar
The electric guitar originated following the 1920s under the influence of the popular Hawaiian guitar. The Hawaiian guitar has no sound box. All its strings and pickups are fixed… More
2006-01-12 /Electrophone
Electronic Drums
These are mesh-fabric drums, which are very responsive. They have COSM drum kit editing ability and a surprising quality of tone. More
2006-01-12 /Electrophone
Digital Piano
The 88-key digital piano is equipped with a progressive hammer action keyboard. It has a golden champagne exterior and excellent quality 3D-sampled piano tones. It has around 40… More
2006-01-12 /Electrophone
The pianica is a reed instrument that uses a keyboard to control the circulation of the air and produce sounds. The keyboard is the same as that on an organ, but much smaller. The… More
2006-01-12 /Electrophone
Electronic cymbals
This 12-inch cymbal has a double-action impact detection system. You can strike it and produce different tones on the cymbal’s face and center. The tactile sensation when striking… More
2006-01-12 /Electrophone
The accordion is played both solo and in ensemble. Accordions for solo performance have a keyboard on the right side that is the same as an organ’s. On the left side there are a… More
2006-01-12 /Electrophone
Electronic Organ
Also called Electronic Keyboard. The exterior appearance of this instrument is like a regular organ. It is a type of electric instrument. The electronic organ uses an integrated… More
2006-01-12 /Electrophone
The triangle is an atonal percussion instrument – one with no fixed pitch. It is made from a steel bar bent into a triangular shape. One angle of the triangle is left open to… More
2006-01-12 /Idiophones
Sand Bell
The Sand Bell is a percussion instrument, one of many kinds. The most common are the kettledrum, the bass drum, the cymbal, the tambourine, the triangle, the side drum, the wooden… More
2006-01-12 /Idiophones