2015"Yoyo Hakka Challenge". 5022 little warriors pass the Hakka farmstead challenge!
"Pass the Hakka farmstead challenge, we are waiting!" The Hakka Affairs Council held the 2015 "Yoyo Hakka Challenge" event on 23 May in 14 cities all over Taiwan, which saw a… More
Promoting ancient Hakka rice culture.Sanyi Fire Cloud Dragon Festival opening ceremony
To continue ancient Hakka rice culture, the "Sanyi Fire Cloud Dragon Festival 1040605-1" straw offering took place on the night of 4 June at the central plaza of the GuanSheng… More
International Conference of Policy on Hakka Culture and Society takes place in Miaoli. Minister Liu spurs himself to realize equal rights and encourage diversity
As it approaches the 15th year of its setup, the Hakka Affairs Council held the "2015 International Conference of Policy on Hakka Culture and Society" on 13 June in the Taiwan… More
Completion of Project Dandelion volunteer corps training. Minister Liu Ching-chung expresses wish for youth volunteers to take off with energy
Aimed at enabling youths to become closer to their Hakka roots and to be engaged in Hakka affairs so that they show care for local culture and contribute to society, the Hakka… More
“Hakka Pop Music Awards” Contest - Finding the Future Star of the Hakka Pop Music
Minister Liu indicated that, in order to promote the Hakka language, the Hakka Affairs Council would continue to hold events such as Hakka life school, Hakka culture artistry… More
Liu Ching-Chung Attended The Kaohsiung Hakka Elite Forum, Hoping to Expand Youth Participation in Creating Sustainable Development of Hakka
Minister of the Hakka Affairs Council Liu Ching-Chung was invited to participate in the "2015 Kaohsiung Hakka Elite Forum" event. Minister Liu first took advantage of this rare… More
Summer Hakka Culture Artistry Happy Learning Everyone Happily Speaking Hakka
Hakka Affairs Council choose 25 elementary and junior high schools during the summer vacation to execute the “Summer Hakka Culture Artistry Happy Learning Program”, hoping through… More
See Hakka, Innovation of Hakka, Sustainable Hakka "National Hakka Conference And Hakka Contribution Award Presentation Ceremony
In order to collect opinions from people promoting Hakka affairs and to recognize the Hakka Contribution Awards winners’ contribution and achievements in passing on the Hakka… More
Free shuttles to be provided in three mountains
The Hakka Tung Festival is one of the 12 major Hakka festivals in Taiwan. It is also the most attended Hakka event at the turn of spring and summer. To help promote this event,… More
Hsinchu boasts the snow of May
“April is the month of flowers, and May the snow,” a Hakka saying goes. This refers to the romantic white Tung blossoms found in Taiwan’s Hakka villages. The 2015 Hakka Tung… More