Hakka Affairs Council Sets Up the First Musical Development Program
In order to expand the international outlook and audience of Hakka performing arts and to nurture Hakka music and musical talents, the Hakka Affairs Council commissioned Taipei… More
President Ma Visited Pingtung Liou-Duai To Commemorate the War Heroes from the Japanese Invasion of Taiwan
This year marks the 120th anniversary of the Japanese Invasion of Taiwan. To commemorate the Hakka heroes in the Liou-Duai region for their heroic actions during the war,… More
“Hakka Music Award” First-place Winner Announced
The Hakka Affairs Council organized the "Hakka Music Award” finals and the top award winners were announced. The winner was Yang Shu-Yu with the song “Turning Off the Light”.… More
Xinpu Yimin Temple Autumn Festival Spreading the Hakka Spirit
The Hsinchu County Xinpu Baozhong Yimin Temple 227 anniversary autumn festival ceremony was held on the 5th of November. As personified by the Yimin Grandpa, the Hakka spirit of… More
Hakka Expo 2015 launched. Nine potential industries presented the legacy of Hakka culture
Gathering nine potential Hakka industries, the grand “Hakka Expo 2015” was held at the Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center. There are 69 core Hakka development zones. In order to… More
Hakka Affairs Council Rewards People Who Have Rendered Great Service Towards Hakka Affairs. Professional Medals are presented to Mr. Jhuo-Ci Chen and Mr. Cing-Sing Liao
The Hakka Affairs Council presented professional medals to Mr. Jhuo-Ci Chen and Mr. Cing-Sing Liao on October 1st; the medals were presented personally by Chairman Cing-Jhong Liou… More
In Memory of the 120th Anniversary of the Hakka People Fighting Against Japanese invasion of Taiwan Ying-Jiou Ma visited Beipu in Commemoration of Shao-Zu Jiang
On the eve of the Mid-Autumn Festival, President Ma Ying-Jiou visited the Beipu Museum for Local Culture in Hsinchu County on the afternoon of September 26th accompanied by… More
Everyone Take the Examination Together Debut of Hakka Elementary Certification Test
The first session for the 2015 elementary digitalized Hakka language proficiency certification test was debuted simultaneously at 28 examination schools in 15 examination… More
A conversation between Hakka and a musical dream. Lin Cho-Liang lets Mozart meet Hakka
World-renowned Hakka violinist Lin Cho-Liang returned to Taiwan to take part in three musical events in "The Third International Taiwan Hakka Arts and Cultural Festival" , upon… More
Liu Ching-chung visits Hakka farmstead in Fenglin. Expresses wish to enliven community resources to improve property scale
To preserve the local Hakka lifestyle and to energize the property development in Fenglin Township, Hualien, the Hakka Affairs Council has been subsidizing key local cultural… More