Landscape art touts Hakka Tung flowers
A press conference set to promote “Decorating Hakka Villages with Tung Blossoms,” an exhibition, was held in the afternoon of April 8, 2016 at the Huashan 1914 – Huashan Creative… More
Minister Chung visited the Taitung area to learn more about the construction of the environment. He hoped it could help the region develop and draw people’s attention to the Hakka
Minister Chung Wan-mei of the Hakka Affairs Council visited Taitung to understand both the software and hardware installation, and the results of the construction of the Hakka's… More
During the memorial service for the late Hakka poet Tu Pan Fang-ko, Minister Chung Wan-mei presented the Presidential Citation to her on behalf of the President of Taiwan, R.O.C.
Minister Chung Wan-mei of the Hakka Affairs Council went to the Presbyterian Church in Zhongli, Taoyuan City in the morning on March 19 to attend the memorial service for the late… More
Premier Chang Shan-cheng hosted the opening ceremony of the “51st Liudui Games”
Renowned as the “Little Olympics at the Foot of Dawu Mountain,” the “Liudui Games” were held once more at Jhutian Elementary School, Jhutian Township, just 68 years after the f More
Get the latest flower reports through our festival APP!
The most popular and widely-used “Tung Blossom Status Reports” has started on the festival website! More than 50 “flower ambassadors” are now stationed in the mountains and… More
Liu Ching-chung affirmed the contributions of the winners of the “Hakka Affairs Professional Medals” bestowed by the Hakka Affairs Council
On the afternoon of January 14, 2016, the Hakka Affairs Council held its year-end administrative meeting, marking the first meeting by the members of the third committee. The… More
Hakka Affairs Council, Taipei City, New Taipei City, and Tainan City took the lead to sign the memorandum for the establishment of the Hakka policy coordination mechanism
On January 11, 2016, the Hakka Affairs Council took the lead to sign the “Memorandum of Hakka Policy Coordination Platform” with the Hakka affairs departments in Taipei City,… More
The reconstruction of the surrounding areas of Sinpu Yimin Temple has begun. Liu Ching-chung hopes the Hakka “Yimin” culture shall sustainably continue and prosper
In order to assist the Hakka Affairs Council, the Hsinchu County Government specially subsidized the “Sinpu Yimin Temple Surrounding Areas Improvement and Construction Project” in… More
Twenty-seven businesses were awarded with badges for support of Hakka merchandise
The Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) has promoted the “Hakka TAIWAN” badge, which incorporates strict certification measures, to market featured Hakka products in Taiwan. The “Taiwan… More
“Global Hakka Development Conference 2015” Grand Opening Overseas Hakka Leaders Gathered to Make Effort to Contribute to the Global Hakka Culture
More than 500 overseas Hakka people from around the world gathered for the Hakka Affairs Council sponsored “Global Hakka Development Conference 2015” on October 14, 2015,… More