Du Pan Fang-ge
Du Pan Fang-ge was born into a respectable Hakka family in Xinpu, Hsinchu County, on March 9, 1927. She was to have three younger brothers and three younger sisters. Shortly after… More
Zhong Tie-min
Zhong Tie-min, a Taiwanese Hakka writer, was born in Mukden (Shenyang) on January 15, 1941. His birth in Northeast China was the result of his parents’ elopement due to the taboo… More
Long Ying-zong
The tale of a poor village boy who was enthralled by literature… In August 25, 1911, Long Ying-zong, whose real name is Liu Rong-zong, was born in Hokufu village, Chikuto… More
Chung Chao-cheng
Life, family, and musical talent Zhong Zhao-zheng comes from a long line of stiff-necked farmers from Jiuzuoliao, Longtan Township. His father, Zhong Hui-ke, was born in 1888 as… More
Wu Cho-liu
by Lin Po-yen 1. Teacher Wu Cho-liu, the pen name of Wu Chien-tien, was from Tamaopu Village, Hsinpu Township in Hsinchu County.  He was born in 1900 and died in 1976 at the age… More