Hakka language-living school
Various schools have issued the “Guide of Subsidizing to Prompt Hakka Language-living Schools by Hakka Affairs Council” in effort to promote Hakka culture by improving the Hakka… More
Hakka language teacher
The Hakka Affairs Council has promoted the "Hakka language teacher" since 2009 to revive and develop the Hakka language. People who have talent in Hakka language, literature,… More
Promoting the Recovery and Preservation of the Hakka Language
As a means to preserve Hakka traditional culture, ten basic Hakka language proficiency tests were held from 2005 to 2015, which passed and certified 58,505 examinees. An… More
Barrier-free Hakka language environment
Promoting Barrier-Free Environment for Hakka Language program; implementing revival of Hakka language in public domain. In order to establish an environment suitable for the… More
Certification of Hakka language proficiency
Revival and perpetual growth of Hakka language, a little of ginger Certification of proficiency of Hakka language: Language is the key to understanding history and culture of… More