Hakka celebrates Mother’s Day in Brazil

The Associacao Hakka Chung Tsan Cultural Do Brazil (
巴西客屬崇正總會) held a lunch feast to celebrate Mother’s Day at the Hakka Activity Center on July 7.

Attended by roughly 500 participants, the annual event offered hotpot as well as performances of Brazilian country music and singing for the celebration. The association also gave every mother a gift to show love and appreciation and honor the influence of mothers in society.

The celebration began with oration by President Wen zheng-ren (
溫政仁) of the Associacao Hakka Chung Tsan Cultural Do Brazil, who noted that the celebration event was launched in 1996 to continue celebrating the Mother’s Day as well as Brazil’s country music festival that takes place in June. 

Wen then introduced the new director Zhang Chong-zhe (
張崇哲) of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Sao Paulo. Zhang, who took office recently, greeted everyone and expressed his honor to serve the Taiwanese and Hakka people in Brazil.

The oration was followed by performances of songs including “The Great Mother (母親真偉大),” “Happy Farm Villages (快樂在農家),” and “Hakka World (客家世界).” The association’s theme song was also sung by everyone in the end.

After the lunch, the event ended with participants dancing to the Brazilian country music together.