Book on Taoyuan Hakka individuals’ life stories launched

“Provincial Highway 3 – Taoyuan Hakka First Community (
臺三線-桃園客家第一庄),” a book based on real stories of fifteen local Hakka individuals, was launched by Taoyuan Hakka Cultural Hall on July 4.

In response to the central government’s Taiwan Romantic Route 3 project, which aims to revitalize Hakka history, culture, and industry through connecting Hakka communities along the Provincial Highway 3, the book will take readers on a journey to Taoyuan's Hakka villages that embody rich Hakka culture and landscapes from the perspective of the fifteen individuals.

The Provincial Highway 3, which was called the Inner-Mountain Highway in the past, is a route running from north to south in western Taiwan. As the route connects Hakka communities across cities and counties, it embodies culture, history, and industry of the Hakka.

As the route passes through several districts in Taoyuan, the city government has been actively pushing for the revitalization of Hakka culture and history in those regions to boost cultural tourism in Hakka communities.

Dividing into four major sections including “Architecture Revival,” “Industry Prosperity,” “Arts and Culture,” and “Community Building,” the book will offer a look at the traditional Hakka culture and how Hakka communities create new values. It will also help readers understand the reason behind the government’s Romantic Route 3 project.

Mayor Cheng Wen-tsan (鄭文燦) of Taoyuan City noted that Taoyuan’s Hakka population is around 850,000, and eight of the thirteen administrative divisions are listed as the key development area for Hakka culture.

The Hakka’s traditional way of life emphasizes on harmonious relationship with nature. Such Hakka wisdom is an important intangible cultural asset of Taoyuan for it embodies the concept of circular economy, added Mayor Cheng.

Liang Cheng-fu (
梁成福), a calligraphy sculptor whose story is covered by the book, expressed that sculpture creation is relatively rare among Hakka artists. He hopes the publication of this book could encourage more young artists to engage in art creation.   

An electronic preview edition of “Provincial Highway 3– Taoyuan Hakka First Community” is available for download now. The English edition will also be launched in the future for foreign readers to learn about Hakka culture.