Hakka musical is opening at National Taichung Theater

“Imagining a Poetic Space,” a musical that incorporates Hakka poems, music, dance, theater, and multimedia, will open at the Taichung-based National Taichung Theater on July 4 and 5.

Co-produced by the Hakka Affairs Council and the Neo-Classic Chamber Ensemble (新古典室內樂團), “Imaging a Poetic Space” is adapted from the Hakka Contribution Award-winning doctor-poet Tseng Kui-hai (曾貴海) and poet Jiang Zi-de (江自得), who had won the Wu San-lien literary award.

The Hakka Affairs Council noted that the musical is a result of efforts by several outstanding professionals and teams from different fields, such as director Wu Wei-wei (
吳維緯), choreographer Chang Ya-ting (張雅婷), tenor Claude Lin (林健吉), and Singing Singers (愛唱歌手合唱團). 

The Council also assigned Golden Melody Award-winning composer Liu Sheng-hsien (
劉聖賢) to create music for the production. Architect Zhao Jian-ming (趙建銘), on the other hand, is commissioned to design the stage, which will present a poetic space between real and surreal through the use of light and shadow.

At the press conference, Hakka Affairs Council Lee Yung-de (李永得) shared that he had watched the musical in Kaohsiung last year, and was deeply touched and impressed by the performance.

Minister Lee also expressed that it is not easy to create innovative production. The musical overcomes language and culture barrier and shows an innovative style of Taiwan’s performing arts and presents the beauty of Hakka poetry. Combining literature, music, theater, dance, language, and culture, the performance will also offer insights into Taiwan’s culture, life, and society, as well as the two poets’ philosophical inquiry in life.

The good box office and positive reviews last year prompted the returning of the musical to the theater this year.  Minister Lee hopes the musical will show the audience the rich content of Taiwan’s culture as well as sentiment toward the land of Taiwan.

Following Taichung, the musical will also open at the National Theater next year in Taipei.


“Imaging a Poetic Space”

Date: July 4 – 5, 2018
Venue: The National Taichung Theater
Address: No. 101, Section 2, Huilai Road, Xitun District, Taichung City, 407, Taiwan (ROC)
Website: The National Taichung Theater