Cookery workshop brings diverse Hakka food to Brazil

The Hakka Cuisine Touring Workshop had returned to Brazil with a two-day cooking session and activities held in Hakka Eventos on June 5 through 6.

Co-organized by the Hakka Affairs Council, the Overseas Community Affairs Council, and Hung Kuang University, the Hakka Cuisine Touring Workshop was held by the Associacao Hakka Chung Tsan Cultural Do Brasil (巴西客屬崇正總會) and Hakka Eventos to cultivate Taiwanese Hakka food culture in Brazil.

The cooking workshop seeks to introduce the diverse Hakka food culture to international communities and connect Hakka people overseas through offering forums, demonstration cooking classes, and experiences.

Featuring professional chefs from Taiwan, the workshop received roughly 180 people to participate in learning cooking twelve Hakka dishes, including Hakka Chinese mesona chicken, steam Taiwanese meatball with pickled greens, pork steamed with pickled mustard, and sliced radish and pork soup.  

Director Wang Qi-wen (王啟文) of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in São Paulo thanked the Hakka Affairs Council for inviting Hakka chefs Liu Xue-ling (劉雪玲) and Chen Sheng-yu (陳聖宇) to promote Hakka food and culture in Brazil, noting that the workshop has helped develop Hakka food culture in Brazil.

President Wen zheng-ren (溫政仁) of the Associacao Hakka Chung Tsan Cultural Do Brasil also expressed that the changing lifestyle has transformed the traditional characteristic of Hakka food from greasy, salty, and sour to light and healthy. The workshop is a great opportunity for members of the association to learn Hakka cooking and culture.

Following Brazil, the workshop will travel to Paraguay and Argentina to share Hakka food and culture with more people, noted President Zhang Yung-xi (張永西) of the Taiwanese Hakka Association of the World (世界台灣客家總會).

Director Zhan Qian-xiao (詹前校) of the Culture Center of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Sao Paulo, Brazil affirmed the workshop and hoped to strengthen ties between Hakka people in Brazil and the Overseas Community Affairs Council through such event.