Minister encourages children to keep learning Hakka language

Minister Lee Yung-de (李永得) of the Hakka Affairs Council visited Zhongshan Kindergarten in New Taipei City on May 26 to cheer for the children who participated in the Yoyo Hakka Language Certification Game (幼幼客語闖通關).

The Yoyo Hakka Language Certification Game, a program launched by the Hakka Affairs Council to promote Hakka language, has received a total of 8,297 submissions this year.

Minister Lee noted that children’s motivation and willingness to learn Hakka language could be enhanced if they started learning Hakka language in kindergarten. Teaching language through activities and games could also encourage them to speak Hakka.

Moreover, children’s fluency in Hakka would also improve if they could communicate with their grandparents in Hakka at home. Thus, Minister Lee also encouraged parents to participate in the game with their children.

The challenge to promote different Hakka accents is to find qualified teachers, especially in cities. Thus, the Council will enhance the teaching materials online and offer long-distance courses for teacher training. It will also collaborate with Hakka associations and schools to train more qualified teachers who can teach Hakka language of different accents, added Minister Lee.

Launched in 2012, the Yoyo Hakka Language Certification Game offers five missions that require participants to speak Hakka language in various games. The program allows children to speak the language in a fun and happy environment. It will also help build children’s confidence and keep their interest in learning Hakka language.

According to the Council, the Yoyo Hakka Language Certification Game, which was held in kindergartens and other venues across 71 cities and townships in Taiwan this year, saw an increase of 1,202 participants than last year.   

In addition, the program will offer certificates to those who successfully complete the mission. So far, there are a total of 98 institutes and 109 venues that offer certificates across Taiwan.

This year, the program also launches the “in-house certification” service to allow participants to apply for certificates in the kindergarten they attend to if the registered number reached 30.  

For registration, please visit Yoyo Hakka Language Certification Game.