Taiwanese Hakka’s 2018 spring trip in HK

Members of the Hong Kong Taiwanese Hakka Association Ltd. (HKTHA) and the Taiwan Business Association (HK) Ltd. (HKTBA) embarked on a trip to Tai Pu Lau Nature Reserve (
大埔滘自然護理區) in Hong Kong to enjoy the spring day on April 28.

Presidents Yang Chi-sheng and Chiu Wen-qian lead members of HKTHA and HKTBA to Tai Pu Lau on April 28.

Guided by President Yang Chi-sheng (楊繼聖) of HKTHA and President Chiu Wen-qian (邱文潛) of HKTBA, the participants walked along the green path to take in the splendor of the forest and enjoy different scenery the four hiking trails in the park. The trip was ended with a meal together to deepen friendship between the two associations.

Located in Tai Po Town, Tai Pu Lau is home to more than 100 kinds of trees, such as pinus massoniana, camphor tree, weeping paperbark, Chinese guger-tree, and Chinese sweet gum. In addition to providing recreational opportunities, the park also offers information about characteristics, development, and the climate of subtropical forest for educational purpose.

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